5 ways teams 'spiced' up their fundraisers

5 real-life examples that work


You don’t want to run the same, boring fundraiser as everyone else.

So let’s look at 5 ways I’ve seen teams ‘spice’ up their Teamfi fundraisers:

1. Turn Your Team’s Donors into ‘Sponsors’

Peotone Football had an interesting idea:

Let’s turn our Team’s Donors into Sponsors

Click the link below to find out exactly what that meant:

Also, check out how they presented this on their team’s donation page right here.

2. Donate Community Service Hours

You can also use your fundraiser as a way to give back.

And that’s exactly what Lowell Softball did.

Learn more:

Also, you can see their specific wording on their donation page right here.

3. Be Incredibly Intentional with your Ask

When so many other teams just ask for money, you can ‘zig’ while they ‘zag’ by just being intentional with your ask.

North Duplin HS Football in Calypso, NC did this to a T.

Find out exactly what they did below:

See North Duplin Football’s intentionality for yourself right here.

4. Convert to an A-thon

Perhaps you want to mix up your fundraiser’s style entirely?

If that’s you, try converting it to an A-thon.

That’s what Chelsea HS Football did, and they cleared $40K.

Find out how in the tweet below:

Also, you can see their lift-a-thon page first hand right here.

(Psst…. if you want to learn more about our lift-a-thon product, check out the link below):

5. Make a Clever Campaign Video

Adding a face & name to your team’s campaign never hurts.

NTX Tribe Baseball understood this so well that they made a video for their fundraiser.

And it worked beautifully, raising their 11 kids $5,500.

Watch their video yourself below:

Don’t forget to check out NTX Tribe’s donation page right here.

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