How to (almost) guarantee your team fundraises $10,000

It's simple math, but it works

A potential donor’s contact information is worth a lot of money to your team

What’s the value of a phone number?

No - I’m not talking about your monthly Verizon bill.

I’m talking about the value of a potential donor’s phone number to your team!

Specifically, how much is that phone number worth to your team when they’re fundraising?

At Teamfi, we have this math.

We’ve now run 30+ fundraisers since launching earlier this year, and we know that for every potential donor you reach out to, you can expect to raise $10 - 20.

So: do the math.

You want to (almost) guarantee that your team fundraises $10,000?

You’re going to have to reach out to 1,000 different potential donors.

($10,000 / $10 per potential donor = 1,000 potential donors)

Now, don’t mistake me.

I’m not saying you’ll have to reach out to at least 1,000 potential donors to raise $10,000.

$10,000 might actually come a lot easier than that: for some programs, the value of a potential donor is worth $20+ (for these guys, the number of potential donors needed drops to 500).

I’m just saying that to guarantee you raise $10,000, one thousand potential donors is the magic number.

Make sense?

Great - because I have one more caveat:

Just because the value of a potential donor is $10 does not mean every potential donor you ask is going to give you $10.

On the contrary - only about 20-30% of potential donors actually donate.

BUT: because a donor’s average donation size is $50-60, you’ll come out around $10,000.

Let’s confirm our understanding:

  • You reach out to 1,000 potential donors

  • 20% of them donate (200 donors)

  • Your 200 donors give $50 each

Boom. You raise $10,000!

I told you: simple math….. but it works 🙂 

But how will I ever find the time to reach out to 1,000 different donors?

I know what you’re thinking:

“Kanon, it’s going to be a pain the butt to reach out to 1,000 different donors this season”

You’re absolutely right - it would be…. if you were doing this all by yourself.

But you’re not: we built you Teamfi to speed this process up by 983x

Teamfi’s easy-to-use app lets each of your team’s players upload a set number of potential donor’s cell phone numbers.

Then, when you’re ready, all you have to do is hit ‘Go’.

Teamfi will automatically reach out to the potential donors with personalized donation invitations on behalf of each of your players.

… we’ll even remember to follow up with those who don’t donate at first!

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