Kanon, did you really just do this?

Teamfi's next 100% free fundraising product

Kanon, did you really just help 3 Michigan High School coaches automate their lift-a-thons?

You betcha.

So, what did you charge them?


And you still made money?

Of course we did.

Here’s how it all went down:

Earlier this year, 3 Michigan HS football coaches reached out to me with a similar problem

They wanted to run a lift-a-thon, but they did NOT want to deal with the hassle of collecting pledges

I sensed an opportunity - perhaps Teamfi could build something to help these coaches automate the pledge collection process

So we did just that.

Zeth and I sprinted through March and April to build Teamfi’s next product - a 100% free lift-a-thon

We had no idea how well it would work when each of our coaches ran their lift-a-thons in May, but here’s how it turned out:

Across each of these 3 lift-a-thons, no papers were used, and the pledge collection process was completely automated.

And just as always, Teamfi took 0% of these fundraisers :)


That’s great Kanon, but how the heck do you guys make money?

Same as we always have.

Teamfi is and will always be 100% supported by optional tips from donors.

When people go to pledge to a lift-a-thon on our platform, they have the option to tip Teamfi as well

They don’t have to tip, but many choose to … and we end up making money as a result.


If you’d like to learn more about how our free lift-a-thon product works, check out our product overview

You can see what the product looks like…

Plus schedule a live demonstration of how to use it with yours truly :)

(link to our lift-a-thon overview is below)

That’s all for this week guys.

Zeth and I are absolutely pumped to offer this new 100% free fundraising option.

Stay tuned for more 100% free products later this year 😉