Rebrand Your Team's Donors as Sponsors

How one coach got around the stigma of just asking for money

Want to get around the stigma of ‘just asking for money’ on your team’s next fundraiser?

Coach Tolly Tsiamas in Peotone, Illinois had an interesting idea:

Rebrand your Team’s Donors as Sponsors

Click the link below to find out exactly how he did it:

Also, if you want to see how Coach messaged that on his team’s donation page, you can check that out, too:

Lift-a-thons are here!

Last week, Zeth and I announced the launch of our second product:


And guess what?

It’s still 100% free.

Find out how it works, the team’s we’ve served, and what you might reasonably expect to raise by clicking right here:

(pssst…. this product isn’t just for ‘lifting’. You can also run a ‘shoot-a-thon’, ‘free throw-a-thon’, ‘skate-a-thon’, ‘walk-a-thon’, etc.)

Reach out to me if you’ve got an idea for an A-thon you’d like to run.

That’s all for this week, guys!

Stay tuned for what we’ve got coming later this month:

  • Huge product update

  • An example of a fundraiser in Texas that got ‘above and beyond’ results

& more!