Story I heard yesterday

How one team was able to pay two extra coaches in 2023

I sat down with a coaching friend the other day.

The most interesting thing he said?

How he was able to pay two extra coaches this past season.

Naturally, I had to post this on my HS football blog (Goosepoop).

Click the tweet below to find out how he did it:

Last week was our 1 year anniversary

My brother & I have been through a lot of ups & downs over the first 52 weeks of starting this Company.

So I decided to write about how it’s gone.

Click the post below to find out all the dumb mistakes we made in Year 1:

Now Loading… Year 2

I can’t say thank you enough for the support in the first year.

A business exists only because it provides value to its customers, and to know that our mission of free fundraising provides value to you in some small way…

That means everything to me.

Thank you!