How to get above and beyond results on your team's fundraiser

How one Little League Team Raised $5500 with just 11 kids

Want to get ‘above and beyond’ results on your team’s fundraiser?

Try making a video.

That's what NTX Tribe 12U did for their trip to Cooperstown, NY.

They made this video & added a 'scan to donate' QR code at the end.

The results speak for themselves:

They raised $5500 with just 11 kids!

(watch the video below - it’s just a minute long but it’s super well done)

Also, you can check out how they worded their fundraiser on their donation page below:

This isn’t the only Teamfi customer that made a video….

Regular readers of this newsletter will remember West Ottawa Strength & Conditioning’s campaign from a while back.

They raised almost $10K without a dedicated team of student athletes, and a video was KEY to getting this result.

Read their full, step-by-step approach in the post below:

That’s all for this week guys!

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