[April Product Update] World's best donate button

Your team's fundraiser keeps getting better

Did you know?

A recent survey shows that your team’s fundraiser now has the world’s best donate button


(the survey was just me)

🤣 🤣 

In all seriousness, Zeth and I have wanted to upgrade the donate buttons on your team’s page for a while

And in April, we did that.

Take a look at the difference:

We went from 5 donate buttons to 1. That’s so much sleeker.

It’s a small tweak, but our research suggests that even a small change like this will increase your team’s average donation size by 3-5%!

(pssst…. check out what this looks like on a live campaign right here)

I’ve been teasing something huge

If any of you follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen me teasing something this week:

This will be our first new product since Zeth and I launched Teamfi last year.

Stick around for May’s product update to find out what this is 😉 

Consistency = Results

If you’re going to achieve anything in athletics, you have to be consistent

Teamfi is no different.

That’s why Zeth and I are committed to regularly improving Teamfi’s product.

So far in 2024, we’ve hit that goal monthly:

  • [January] - Run multiple fundraisers

  • [February] - Copy & paste a previous fundraiser

  • [March] - Making it even clearer that Teamfi takes zero cut of your fundraiser

  • [April] - What you’re reading today

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That’s all for this week guys!