How many times a year should you fundraise?

What 100 coaches said when we asked

How many times a year should you fundraise?

We asked 100 coaches this question in last fall’s survey, and here’s what they said:

57% of you reported running more than 1 fundraiser a year

Most of those in that bucket were running 2-3 fundraisers

… but some were really killing it, running as many as 5-6!

Well done!

What types of fundraisers these coaches were running? 

Find out by reading the full survey result right here

(hint… they weren’t all Teamfi 😉 )

Consistency = Results

If you’re going to achieve anything in athletics, you have to be consistent

Teamfi is no different.

That’s why Zeth and I are committed to regularly improving Teamfi’s product.

So far in 2024, we’ve hit that goal monthly:

  • [January] - Run multiple fundraisers

  • [February] - Copy & paste a previous fundraiser

  • [March] - Making it even clearer that Teamfi takes zero cut of your fundraiser

... and next week’s April update will be no different.

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